Conscious Parenting: Keeping Your Cool

If you hear a parent shout at their child, no doubt you feel vexed. After all, screaming at someone vulnerable who relies on you for safety isn’t kind. Nonetheless, even the most saint-like of folks lose the plot at times. If you are anxious, you may inadvertently raise your voice when speaking to your children. When you do, though, no good comes from the situation. Your offspring get upset, and you feel guilty. Learning how to keep your cool with conscious parenting will change how you communicate.

What’s conscious parenting?

Parents fly off the handle when they aren’t mindful of their behavior. They run on auto and are unaware of the impact on their kids. To be conscious, you stay in the moment. Instead of thinking about problems from the past or future, you focus on what’s happening now.

Stay present

Living in the moment makes you alert. You pause before speaking and think about how to word what you say to obtain the best outcome. Also, you are more aware of your motives, and your children’s reasons for acting as they do. You don’t jump to conclusions, and you give them time to have their say.

Being conscious allows you to recognize when you are stressed and not take your anxiety out on your kids. If you’re upset because your boss has been awful, you know you may be short-tempered. As a result, you can make an effort to stay calm when you’re with your family.

Likewise, if you’ve not slept enough the night before, you know you may not be as patient as usual. Consequently, you can take steps to reduce discomfort. You might meditate with your kids or practice deep breathing. You may also explain you are tired, so they understand what’s going on.

Create an intention

Form a positive intention about your relationship with your children. Doing so will help you steer it in a helpful direction. You might intend to be flexible and focused when parenting. Or, you may want to be mindful of your kid’s feelings and listen to them well. Additionally, you may choose to put them first and spend quality time together. With a positive goal in mind, you will be less likely to lose your cool.

Consciously raising your children will help you develop a terrific relationship with them. At the same time, they will grow up to be empathetic and wise. They will manage well socially later in life due to having had a fantastic role model. You’ll feel brilliant knowing you’re doing your best to parent your kids well. You’ll also refrain from blowing your top because you’ll be more self-aware.

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