When the resistance makes you prey, but the extreme ownership takes you to the next level.

Life gives a lot of laps, for many it seems like a roller coaster, and not only because of the ups and downs, but also by the speed with which it moves. It may sound repetitive, but today we live in an era where what is important is to find your WHY? it sounds easy and perhaps even comfortable, but the reality is that it is not as simple and much less easy to find it is of utmost importance in your life.

These last two years have been the fastest rollercoaster I’ve uploaded, because I went through 4 different jobs, by tripling my income and to begin to have a life full of achievements in the corporate world, but at the end of these almost two years you realize many things that only you understand when you arrive at these points. First is that you cannot be happy with that life, because in the end it is a work more and you are not the owner of the decisions, you know that even if you are good you will always have the risk of running out of nothing, you learn to work and to surrender but in the end what is the reward?, and the only one you find is that small moment of personal satisfaction to achieve something. The truth is that your boss, the owner will always look for more. You also realize that being at the top in a company is lonely, but also that we shall not add as much value as you would like to do it, and that causes you issues what you do.

This is how I decided to leave all these professional achievements and launch the adventure of being an entrepreneur, knew it was coming down more pronounced of this roller coaster, and it will be difficult to climb back up.

But it is just in these moments when you realize that the things you have done in the past, and sooner or later you help for your present, a little over 2 years ago i found to Brian Rose and London, at first hairy vetch a person who makes interviews very professional and with people who I was, and then once again that great hidden talent that is to be a great, great seller, and is as it was the best animal hunting, which is always on the lookout for their prey and at the least expected moment launches its great attack and……

It is here where is the big difference any other animal hunting would have made him and destroys you, but no, this is not the case of Brian Rose, because it is when you realize the great person that is, and how it is that he understands your WHY?, because although it has a great business with London Real, in the background and the most important thing is that gives you everything you need to make you believe in something, something of what you’re passionate about, what you enjoy, what adds value, yes, my value to the world. This is where the Great Hunter becomes the best instructor, where selflessly guide you, supports you and even forces you to do your homework and things for you that you dream and you are looking for in life, you are forced to add your value to the world.

Thanks to London Real team, their team leaders, thanks to this great community that creates and generates the great magic to make things happen, thanks Brian Rose, for being my mentor for 5 months so far and what you have marked my life and you taught me what I am capable of, is a huge commitment be your mentee, because marked my life and you taught me what is my destiny. Today took the decision to accept the great challenge that Brian Rose for me, to add my value to the world and to spread this message, I pledge to be a better person and help this world to be better, I promise to be a human being that transcends and to follow in your footsteps to Brian Rose.

Thanks to the great team that is London Real, Thanks, Alex Melia, Lisa May, Chirs Albert, Julian Bailes for these 5 months with you. I am not going to defraud and now open the Latino market and in Spanish, there is much to do, thank you for demonstrating that things can be done. It is the beginning of a great journey, and this story barely begins, as we shall see in 12 months…..