What I learnt from The Alchemist

The story of a boy -Ignorant,afraid and most of all clueless of how to make life better.

A boy harbouring dreams so beautiful that just a daydream projecting the possibility of it coming true, uplifts the soul.

Doesn't this story seem familiar?

This is a story each of us can relate to,the story of unfulfilled dreams and adventures that we could have had but never did.

The Alchemist teaches us the meaning of destiny,dreams and faith and its relevance to a happy and purposeful life.

Our inability to translate thoughts into action leave us in a constant loop of a not so productive routine causing us despair.

The alchemist emphasises the importance of pursuing our destiny and listening to our hearts .It tells us the reason for why we are stuck in mediocrity when we are meant for the extraordinary.

This is because of Fear,it maybe the fear of the dream not being worth the effort or the fear of losing the one thing that provides reason for living -the possibility of the dream coming true.

We can learn from this book the insignificance and pointlessness of fear .

Knowing that the true purpose of living is to evolve frees us from the fear of something not being worth the effort and in the alchemists words "the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself" ,being aware of this frees us from fear.

The alchemist offers us a rich array of characters each with having their own lessons to make life better.

The sheep describe the future that awaits when we choose to live oblivious to destiny and a purposeful life.

The crystal merchant and the baker show us the consequence of fear and inaction.

The Englishman tells us the futileness of seeking the treasure at the destination without wanting to make the journey and also he teaches us that the only way to learn is through action.

The conversation between the seer and the camel driver shines light on the importance of experiencing the present -each moment and how ruinous it is to live either in regret of the past or in anticipation of the future.

The alchemist teaches us the importance of pursuing ones destiny,the concept of universal brotherhood and the consequences of both action and inaction.

The final encounter of the boy with the men at the pyramids shows us how two people in the same circumstances lived two very different lives solely because of their choices and actions .It tells us how the journey is more important than the destination.

It tells us what the boy may have become if he had taken the other road in his previous encounters .It demonstrates to us the power of faith,belief and courage.

The Alchemist will provide you with a compass and point you to towards a better life,I guarantee that you will be left in a feeling of euphoria and newness once you have read the book.