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A guide to Veil’s order book

This post is a technical rundown of some of the mechanics that allow Veil to work. It’s intended for readers who understand some Ethereum concepts like ERC20 and transactions, have a rough idea what 0x and Augur are, and are curious to know more about what Veil is doing behind the scenes. We’ll also assume that you’ve read Paul’s Guide to Augur Market Economics, particularly the sections about outcome shares and complete sets.

We’ll cover the following:

  • The unique trading mechanics of prediction markets on Augur
  • Why Veil has “two” orders books, and why they are mirror images of each…

In the last few weeks, we’ve been working hard on a new version of PatientBank — a version that helps you more effectively manage your medical records.

There are a number of ways to store your medical records in one place: some folks keep them at home in a big folder, others store them on their computers. We’ve added a few features that we hope encourage you to use PatientBank to manage those records.

We know how hard it is to read a medical record. These printed-then-scanned documents can be hundreds of pages long. That lab result you’re looking could…

How do we keep our UI in sync with the data it uses? This is the fundamental problem of the frontend web. It’s the reason the javascript landscape is littered with “view layers”, MVC and MVVM frameworks, and fancy state containers.

For example, one very popular javascript library forces you to call a special function setState when you want to update data that may affect UI; another very popular library meticulously wraps all of your application code in special $digest loops so that afterwards it can explicitly re-render any UI that may have changed.

But what’s the point of all…

Graham Kaemmer

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