The Mokrin House of Ideas is a rural co-working and co-living space in Mokrin, Serbia. Photo by Kristian Sekulic

Ah, the Western Balkans — a smartly devised nom de plume (or, dare I say, nom de guerre), conjoining West and East in a single, sweeping phrase.

In practice, though, things are a bit less graceful — the Western Balkans signify a waiting room on the South-Eastern side of the European continent for those countries that have been promised EU membership, but are not there yet. Case in point — Croatia, which became a member in 2013, is not part of the Western Balkans anymore. …

Photo by Jad Limcaco on Unsplash

The world today can be described as “the best we’ve ever had” and “the worst we’ve ever had” in equal measure. Notice that I used the world describe — there are, of course, objective facts that might reliably tip the scales in one direction or another. What Oliver Burkeman talks about are the so-called “New Optimists”, who tend to tip the scales in the “best we’ve ever had” end due to objective facts proving that, indeed, the world has become a much better place to live compared to, say, 200 years ago.

Our view of the world, though, is usually…


Remember this little book (hint — it’s called the Constitution for Europe and was rejected with referenda in France and the Netherlands in 2005)?

Not long ago there were two certainties in life:
1. European integration goes only one way — forward.
2. European integration means the (long-term) creation of a federalist, pan-European state, thus inevitably eroding national sovereignty.

The UK dealt with point 1 today. The EU should deal with point 2 as of tomorrow. This doesn’t mean moving to “a union of nation states”, as Jarosław Kaczyński suggested. This also doesn’t mean going back to grandiose projects removed…

Photo: Fotomovimiento

The scenes from the Idomeni refugee camp remind me of the acclaimed 2004–2005 anime TV series Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG (a geeky title, indeed).

The year is 2030, internet and cyber technology have become part of the very fabric of society — cyberbrains, prosthetic bodies, remote controlled cyborgs and optical camouflage are the new normal. The main protagonists come from a special unit called Public Security Section 9, uncovering a complicated plot of machinations and power plays enmeshing personal, national, international and private interests focused on the 3 million refugees in the reclaimed island of…

Image: Getty Images

Whether you have been following the English Premier League closely or you simply glanced a headline in the media in the last couple of months, you are probably familiar with the impressive run of Leicester City. Fighting back from relegation last season, they are now on top of the league with just two losses.

The Foxes’ impressive run, leaving star-spangled teams like Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United behind with only 13 games to go before the season ends is due to a number of factors — a well-oiled team, great job in defense, tactical discipline imposed by seasoned…

Graffiti: Banksy

Vendredi soir à Paris, le 13 Novembre. La foule au concert des Eagles of Death Metal au Batlacan, les spectateurs au match amical contre l’Allemagne au Stade de France et les visiteurs de plusieurs restaurants dans la capitale française ne s’attendaient pas à devenir un champs de bataille de terreur, d’horreur et de colère avec plus de 120 victimes à ce jour.

Quelques rayons de lumière dans ces heures obscures: des chauffeurs de taxi qui reconduisent des parisiens chez eux, sans mettre le compteur en marche; des gens qui offrent un abri aux piétons dans leurs propres maisons avec le…

Graffiti: Banksy

Friday night in Paris, November 13th. The crowd at the Eagles of Death Metal gig at the Batlacan hall, the spectators of the friendly match with Germany on Stade de France and the visitors of several restaurants in the French capital were probably not expecting to become a battlefield of terror, horror and anger with more than 120 victims so far.

The bright rays of light in the horrific hours were the taxi drivers driving Parisians to their homes with their meters off and the people offering shelter to pedestrians in their own homes with the hashtag #PortesOuvertes. A massive…

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