Hey Senator, Resist! №1

Hello, I wrote an email to Senator Feinstein condemning her for voting to confirm Mike Pompeo and urging her against such reckless voting practices in the YUGE fights to come. Please feel free to copy this text and email your own representatives. Here are the 14 that let us down this time.

Dear Senator Feinstein, I’ve been a San Francisco resident and a supporter of yours for over a decade, and I’m writing to express my extreme disappointment in your voting to confirm Mike Pompeo to lead the CIA. Mr. Pompeo is a supporter of torture. You have spoken out against torture numerous times — it’s one of the reasons I voted for you. Your support of Mr. Pompeo makes me question my vote: Torture is not something I’m willing to see my elected representative compromise on.

Moreover, your voting to confirm Pompeo brings up a larger concern: Are you willing to compromise your values and those of your supporters for the sake of political decorum? If you’re willing to vote in favor of someone like Pompeo, how will you vote when it comes time to confirm a potential Supreme Court justice whose confirmation might threaten so many of the civil rights you and your supporters have fought so hard for all these years?

My personal opinion is that Donald Tump is a monster and should be resisted at every turn as such. However, if you’re not willing to resist his agenda on any number of principles, let me at least urge you to make the political calculation that this demonstrably unpopular president’s agenda is widely unfavored by the majority of Americans, most certainly your constituency, and therefore in your best interest to resist, vote against, denounce, etc. with every available opportunity.

We’re counting on you to stand up this unpopular president’s regressive agenda on our behalf.

Yours Sincerely,

Garrett Kamps