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Why are we made to believe that guns are bad? This is just our government trying to demonize firearms so the sheeple of this country will jump on the “get rid of guns” bandwagon. Gun control is a farce. Can anyone tell me why guns are bad? Is it because 33,000 people a year (according to the CDC) die from the use of firearms? If this is the case, we should take a look at further auto regulations because 45,000 people a year die as a result of automobile usage. And why stop there? Alcohol takes the lives of 110,000 people per year and all you need to get booze is an ID showing that you are 21 or older. No waiting period, no background check, nothing. And the biggie, tobacco. Tobacco takes the lives of 430,000 Americans every year. And again, all you need is an ID. How is it possible that there are legal items out there which kills scores of people, over and above the death rate of firearms and our government turns a blind eye to those things. Who are they trying to fool? Gun control has nothing to do with lives lost, it’s all about government control, and nothing more. And that C**T hillary say’s we need to take a look at how Austraila handled their gun issues. F-her!