Photo by Christiana Rivers on Unsplash

Come with me. Let me take you by your hand, into the infinite reaches of life. Let’s get lost, and never go back. Come with me. Let me show you all the beauty the world has to offer, let me show you, that you are my world. Come with me. Let me relish you, as you go on to stop time with your very essence. Let me take this lifetime to prize your presence. Come with me. Let us sail through the rough tides together, let us fall in love with the harshness of life. Come with me. Let’s share this interim strife. Come with me. Let’s adore the rainbows together. Let’s live through this cycle of storms, just to cherish the ensuing, forever. Sweetheart, come with me. I am undeserving of your presence, for you are the epitome. Come with me, to this soulful wanderer, you are home.

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