“You have memories with Veera and 4 others to look back on today.”

Apart from the name, we’re all familiar with this sentence. To us, it’s a reminder of the memories we made on Facebook last year, but in the technical realm, it’s a simple notification. This is just one type of notification among a sea of others, which every app uses. Some are time sensitive notifications, like the OTP messages we receive, some are about events, discount codes and some reminders of inactivity or incomplete actions on the app. …

In August, we launched a revamped version of Toppr.com and gave you a low down on our design journey and product decisions. Today, I’m going to take you into the reasoning of various architectural decisions that helped us build this new single page app (SPA).

Why create a Single-Page Application (SPA)?

A single-page application (SPA) is an application that works inside a browser. SPAs load a single HTML page and all the necessary assets (such as JavaScript, CSS and Fonts) required for the application to run only once throughout the lifespan of the session. Any interactions with the page or subsequent pages does not require a…

Gautam Chaudhary

Dreamer. Tech Enthusiast. Full Stack Developer. Open Source Lover | Node.js, React, Django, Android, Docker, Kubernetes | Former Product Engineer at Toppr.com

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