In 2021, Marshmallow launched its first app on both iOS and Android to help make insurance easier and faster for its customers!

My role

My job was to facilitate the discovery and design of the MVP (minimal viable product) solution to have it ready for launch within 6 months.

We kicked off the project with a small team, even before we’d hired our now iOS and Android engineers. Over the next 6 months, our team grew to be fully cross-functional.


We split the project into 3 sections.

  1. Understanding the features that our customers would want.
  2. Defining the right information architecture of the…

In 2019 to 2020, GP at hand, an NHS service powered by Babylon’s technology, started to diversify its offering by making Nurses, Physiotherapists, Travel Health Specialists, and other clinician types available for our members to book appointments with.

My job was to redesign the appointment flow to recommend the right clinician to the patients’ needs in a suitable time frame.

My role

I led the design of the experience from June 2019 across iOS, Android, and Web platforms.

I worked alongside a Researcher, Content Designer, 2 Product Managers, a Delivery manager, a Tech Lead, and a team of 8 engineers.

I worked…

After being at Babylon for two weeks the first project I was given was to enable our members to book their own face-to-face (F2F) appointments.

Why this mattered
We started providing F2F appointments as part of our full clinical service offering, when we launched GP at Hand back in June 2017. F2F appointments accounted for ~15% of total GPaH appointments and were arranged via a call with support. What historically was a manageable number to book via support quickly became impractical as the business scaled.

It was a complex project that needed unraveling, cross-team collaboration, exploration, testing and 6 months of development. …

Georgia Kent-Braham

Design Manager at Marshmallow

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