As a designer, you want your app to be used as much and as long as possible — active users, sessions length, number of sessions. As a user, you want to put in minimal effort and get maximum value in shortest time possible — no pain, all gain. I’m sure you can see the challenge there, but isn’t this the age-old problem of design?
3 Speeds of Mobile Interactions
Lorenzo Cercelletta

Great essay, inspiring read, while also being tactical. I think especially this is interesting, because not always the maximum value is possible in the shortest time. Time equals value. Time spent in a product, makes the product more valuable, if the product has been designed well.

The paradox that it creates is that, as a product maker, you should provide enough value to create stickiness, while recognising that the true power of value creation lies with the user. Navigating that paradox is where true power of a designer lies, as you show in the tactics further down the essay. If it wasn’t for paradoxes, the whole concept of designing would be obsolete, as the answer would be apparent.

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