Here’s a sticky menu I built for the new TouchTunes Media website. Pay attention to the Menu button as the background changes color:

Pretty cool, right? A simple interaction that keeps the menu button legible, yet unobtrusive.

This is a pretty common design patter for menu/nav buttons:

Put Your Best Choices on Autopilot

When I say tools, you expect a list of 6 apps that you have to sign up for, that will magically help you build habits. Instead, I’m going to give you something much better, something that will last you a lifetime. I’m going to explain the mental models you should apply to building a habit.

One of the strongest books I’ve read is the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which I wrote about here. And so if we want to be highly effective, we must learn the capability to build new habits.

Building and changing habits is not just…

5 Reason To Be A Fintech Developer. And How To Start.

This post is intended for developers or would be developers trying to decide what industry they should focus on.

It’s split into 2 parts:

1. The reasons to focus on fintech
2. Best way to get into the industry (hint: Open Source Software)

The 5 Reasons For Fintech

1. Highest salaries
The highest salaries in finance are for developers and the highest salaries for developers are in finance. [1]

According to the Bureau of Labor, these industries pay developers the most money:

  • Finance
  • Machine Manufacturing (i.e. Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing)
  • And not surprisingly, I.T. and Software Technology (i.e. Software Publishers)

The average salary…

Use your phone to live the life you dream, instead of letting it control your life.

“Why won’t you type ‘T’?”

“What is this weird ‘Service Message Not Found’ thing that’s popping up?”

“I’m this close … I’m gonna throw this thing against the wall.”

Luckily, my friend Logan Lo convinced me otherwise. Instead, I wiped my phone, got rid of all the apps and reinstalled the operating system (for you tech geeks out there, I actually installed Cyanogenmod).

It was a breath of fresh air. My 3 year old Galaxy S3 wassmooth as butter again. But, a bunch of the apps I used daily were gone. Time to reinstall ’em:

  • Reddit
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat

It’s easy to eat healthy when all you have in the fridge are lean chicken breasts and pre-cut veggies (and an avocado or two, of course).

Much harder to stay committed if you work in an office, considering the sundry candy, chips and other nutrition killers you’ll find roaming the halls during your pomodoro break.

Or let’s say you travel for work, like I used to, which means you’re going out for lunch and dinner more often than you’re preparing a home cooked meal.

These are the times when resolutions get broken.

Even if you’re pretty good about your eating at work; I bet when you’re starving after a workout or out for a fun dinner with friends, it’s all too easy to let the positive…

In a recent interview with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Dan Faggella, I spoke about a 3 step process to mastering skills in BJJ and Wrestling. In this post, I want to take you through our 3 step process and apply it to quickly and systematically become awesome at any skill.

Here are the 3 steps critical for becoming awesome at any skill:

  1. Break it down to sub-skills
  2. Establish a baseline and train
  3. Create feedback loops

1. Break It Down To Sub-Skills

Most of what we think of as skills, are actually large bundles of mini-skills. Let’s use playing guitar as an example. The skill of guitar play is really a grouping of:

  • Finger strength, dexterity, and independence

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver had a go at medical shills and the supplement industry. As the founder of a supplement company, I couldn’t be happier.

Originally published on the Flow Athletics Blog.

I’ve always hated over-the-top, miracle cure marketing, so I’m very happy to see John Oliver help expose this sham to a larger audience. I’m even happy about his rant on the supplement industry, because I think it’ll help keep some of the bad apples in check. Although, I do think his stance of more and more regulation is misguided. Read on as I dig into the details.


This article is a little over 1600 words long and should take about 8 minutes to read. …

Sun for Vitamin D

Unless you live in the tropics, and spend your day outside, your vitamin D production is likely too low.

And that’s a shame, because Vitamin D is a key supplement for combat athletes like MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai fighters, wrestlers and boxers.

What makes Vitamin D important to fighters?

Well, the indicated benefits of Vitamin D include some vital ones, like supporting bone structure and mood state. But even more interestingly, there’s a study that showed an increase in testosterone in men supplementing with 3,332 IU of Vitamin D over the course of a year. So Vitamin D can be looked at for supporting testosterone production as well.

And of course, as I preach all the time, the most important muscle combat athletes have to…

Gene Kobilansky

Developer & Advisor @ NYU Wrestling Coach.

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