My overall plan

I am quite free at the moment because the exams are pretty much over.
I still worried about family health and still have alot of things to do in it.
I am prone to procrastination and I do not want to because health issue are life and death issue.

Besides that, it is my own health I also need to take care too.
Overall, small things does not matter.
Someone may be rude to me, or I am not get to go to a very nice place.
But it does not matter much.

Whether I lose my hands or legs. Whether I lose my eyesight or ability to read,
or taste.
These are the important things.
Whether I have health so that I do not have headache, stomachache, nausea, body pain
are the most important thing.

But even these I cannot ensure totally, because we humans are not that powerful.
This is a fact, and we have to conform to facts.

And the the most important thing, is that I am alive.
Because existence is a very precious thing. But even that I cannot ensure totally, because once
again, human do not have super power to see everything and prevent accident for sure.

On the same argument , I thus cannot ensure my family safety too.
However, that is a common excuse that people made when they do not help their family member.
I must not let the excuse that we have limited power be used as a valid excuse to help my
family members fully. I have to do my utmost best to help my family so that I will leave no regrets.

I have been very lazy in achieving these important tasks and I cannot go back time. The best I can do
is to start well today and finish only those things that are truly important. I thus have to learn to avoid all those distractions which eat up my time.

Upon finishing these near term goals which is to make my family and myself safe and healthy, I will
then be able to proceed to my next goal. The goal is to help the world, as much as possible, so that we
have the largest pool of intelligence to collaborate. Right now, many people are ignorant and is causing extreme amount of bad things as a result. Our human potential are greatly dented.

So to summarize abit. I need to achieve health for my family and myself. After that, it will be other people that I want to help and I try to help more and more and basically the world is my target. This is important because a smart world will have immensely huge goodness and I will then benefit for myself and my family. As a result, it is a win win for everyone.

Of course, it is easier said than done but the mission statement is still valid.

One of the goal that we hope to achieve is preventing death. The reasoning is that death is a bad thing because it is a huge loss of wisdom. Anyone who debate otherwise is just ignorant.

If death by aging can be solved, the world will change drastically in many areas. Now the cost of death will be very very high if death by aging is solved. As a result , anything that can cause death, like vehicle, extreme sports, accidents or crime will be super urgent.

The society will place very high premium on the philosophy and necessity of safety.
The goal of living is to live as long as possible though I do not know what is the limit that human can
live until. 1000, 35000 or 1 million years old?

Of course, then there are further risk like death of sun, the higgs field suddenly gone and causing all matter and thus us to disappear suddenly, which means death. There are also other types of problems whether in the marco world or micro world that can trigger extinction.

So the point is that once we solve death of aging, illness and diseases, we will then proceed to try to solve all sorts of other causes of death based on their urgency.

Again, if we do succeed, I cannot tell how much further will we extend our human lifespan.

The ideal going is definitely going to be extending our life as long as possible, namely immortal.

That being said, there are many ways where we can fail and then die still in the end.
There could be preservation skills by then to allow waking dead bodies up again as the same person.

It will depend on the preservation skills we have at the moment we die. Perhaps person A die 1 day earlier and the technology did not advance just enough to save her. But another one who die today may just have the time to use the medical advances to make her come back alive again.

At the end of the day, the above plans may be block and then death occurs.

When that happens to me, I would not have existed. Since I do not exists, there is nobody to feel happy and sad. I would have transform as ‘the dead body’ and then soon as ‘the decomposed body’

So any sadness or fear or terrible groaning of pain will only occur when I am alive.

Nihilism is right after all. Life has no meaning in the end if we do not solve death.
I am not certain about what are the chances of solving death for my age.
I need to prepare if I fail and die.

I do not need to plan things after I die. I do have to plan things before I die. Any happiness or sadness will occur before I die, not after.

I am sleepy but that is pretty much the overall theme of my life.