How A.I. is improving Sports

Cognitive technologies redefining fan experiences

What if online fans could connect with the in-stadium audience?

There is a natural disconnect between sport fans enjoying a match from the stadium versus those watching the match from their TVs or digital devices. A disconnect in terms of emotional state, signals, interactivity and reactions.

Imagine if the in-stadium audience can seamlessly report its state, reactions and level of excitement, as a whole or in particular segments, in near-real-time and with no special equipment: as the vast majority of fans in a stadium now has a smart phone and/or a wearable device, a pre-installed app or component is using the accelerometer and other sensors of the smart device to track micro-movements, and via analytics on aggregated data, identify common, recognizable patterns. These patterns are then translated to sentiment metrics, and get associated with a particular context. This package is then served to the online fans, watching the match on a smart TV or other device, to enrich the experience with content and signals captured in the stadium fractions of a second ago.

What if you are automatically served content for athletes & teams?

Imagine a sports fan watching a live match on the TV while automatically experiencing personalized content — on a smart device — for the active player/athlete as being presented on the TV: A listener app on the smart device identifies the protagonist athlete/ player — via natural language processing on live commentary and the context of the match combined with public domain info. It then retrieves online content for the player, which is fresh and personalized for the particular user.

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