More predictable bullshit.
Wil Wheaton

There is an overarching psychological principle at work, here, that we ignore at our peril. Dysfunctional people, especially those raised with “perfectionism” in any of it’s many forms as the rule for their lives (i.e. “conservatives”) tend to suppress and deny all the things about themselves that violate what they were raised to believe were required for “perfection.”

The reality is, of course, that, no matter what your definition of perfection is, you, being human, can’t live up to it. The three standard dysfunctional responses to that reality exercised by conservatives are 1) identify others who are LESS perfect than you are thereby making yourself feel better about your own shortcomings because “at least I’m not a ___________” (black, Muslim, GLBT, woman, etc)

2) identify others who demonstrate the suppressed attitudes and desires within your self (suppressed because you were raised to believe they were detestable) and make yourself feel better about those things hidden within yourself by attacking those others. (Studies have consistently shown that “conservatives” who feel same-gender arousal are far more likely to denigrate and attack GLBT folk than are their friends who are exclusively attracted to the opposite gender.)

3) accuse your opponents of every detestable thing you would do if you had the power and position to do it; i.e. we will eventually discover that Trump, himself, is/was guilty of absolutely everything he accused Clinton of being/doing during the recent Presidential contest, NONE of which she was guilty of herself.

We see this laid out clearly in the healthcare mess currently being played out in Washington — the Republicans have worked very hard to create their various health care bills in EXACTLY the way they accused the Democrats of creating the A.C.A. — ways which the Democrats, in holding massive numbers of hearings and taking more than a year to craft their bill, clearly NEVER did.

If you want to know what kind of destructive and detestable things our “conservative” friends will do if we give them to power to do them, ignore what they CLAIM they’ll do and listen, instead, to what they’re accusing Democrats of doing (which Democrats never have and never will do).

Because these are psychological dysfunctions beaten (literally or figuratively) into conservatives by those who raised them, they can’t generally be changed by education or awareness campaigns. The only response they have for such things is anger and rage because their dysfunctions will not allow any information which contradicts what they already believe to enter their awareness.

These types of “conservatives” LOVE Trump because, sharing their same dysfunctions, he relieves their deeper sense that something is seriously wrong with them. After all, if the President is just as messed up as I am, then people like me must be the ones who are healthy and all those who disagree with what we think, say, and do, are the ones who are sick.

They are, of course, 180 degrees wrong in their orientation to what “truth” actually is. For them “truth” is what makes them feel OK, no matter how dysfunctional they are. For the rest of us, TRUTH is what can be factually verified by evidence no matter how it makes us “feel.”

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