9¾ reasons to attend the Xobin Hackathon this Sunday!!

Hackathons are (usually) design/coding sprints lasting any time in the range of 24–48 hours (Duh!)

But if it were a regular, boring, lengthy coding (not so much) sprint, it would just be one among so many others. Let us see a few of the reasons why it is going to be so worth it to attend the Xobin Peerbuds Hackathon this Sunday, i.e. 11/12/16.

1. It is only a 7 hour event.

Yes, you heard that. 7 hours!!! Less than(or just about) the time it takes to finish watching 2 Ashutosh Gowarikar films without any commercials and best part is that you will be doing what you love all the while.

Hackathons have gotten a bad rap because some of them have an unhealthy, competitive structure, and set unrealistic expectations. Real life problems are hard and can’t actually be solved by the end of the hackathon. Hackathons are merely a pit stop, and should be treated like one.

At our Hackathon we don’t put unrealistic (and unhealthy) pressure on our participants. No staying up all night, no pumping participants with caffeine(that part is voluntary), no competitions, or time pressure at our hackathons. Participants should come energized and be greeted with positive energy.

2. It is an individual event, not a group.

Forget the time wasting in proving others that your idea for something is the best. No more having to rely on the other person to complete his task before you can proceed further. You are your boss, and you don’t share the spoils with anyone else either. You are free to decide and do what you wish to.

Also, an added incentive you had to prove your point with your friends to decide which one of you is better.

So go ahead and get all of them along with you, provided they complete the registration as well.

3. Some of the best hackers in Bangalore are going to be present, would be a bummer to not be among your peers.

The event is exclusively for experienced developers only. And what else, they are all people who are in the same field as you are, NodeJS and AngularJS. Hackathons are not just events for a bunch of people to come, code and not care about the world. While you are totally free to do that, you can also take advantage of the social nature of the event. Meeting new developers in your field, who may have awesome new tricks up their sleeve, also to make quite a many number of friends is something you don’t always plan to do on a Sunday. And what is the best part, you can ask your friends to tag along, all they need to do is complete a simple 2 minute registration.

4. Coffee and refreshments on the house, and will be totally welcome to join us for a beer afterwards.

We have enough caffeine to last a nuclear winter. Yes, we are addicted to coffee, and while you are at our Hackathon, we see to it that no person will have a lack of the same. Coffee=Productivity, and we want you to be at your best.

We will also be going out later post the hackathon, and if caffeine isn’t enough for your thirst and you seek lager or draught, feel free to join us. Although you will have to buy your own beers :P

5. It’s Free

Just get your Device and hacking equipment, we will take care of the rest.

6. It is happening in Axilor, and not some closed auditorium where you are all cramped up for space.

Inner view of the Axilor Campus
Glimpse of the greenery in store

What better way to start coding, when you have the full view of the green plush field and the cold embrace of nature in the beautiful campus of Axilor. Here, you will never be cramped up for space, like is the case in most hackathons. The entire greenery is for you to enjoy, the aesthetics providing you the much needed respite from the cramped up auditoriums. All the space you need is there, just let your creative juices flow and reflect in your submissions.

7. Amazing prizes, and on-spot offer letters up for grabs.

Amazing gifts up for grabs for the best performers. However, we believe the best gift is the experience, but that is something every participant will be walking away with. Other than that, to celebrate your awesomeness, we also have a variety of Gadgets and goodies to reward your hard work. Not just that, there are also various companies lined up to present you with offers to work for them if you are interested.

Every participant walks away with the following:

  • The coolest hackathon experience
  • Swag packs with T-Shirts and more
  • Cool Gadgets & Goodies(for winners)

8. Who knows what is to come out of this one Hackathon.

Startup CEOs sometimes call themselves ‘Chief Bottle Washers,’ which means they see themselves as being at the service of their employees, removing barriers. Hackathon participants take this concept to the next level, asking for all kinds of unexpected contributions that have nothing to do with ‘what you’re good at’ or ‘what you’re supposed to do’ — to hell with your Comfort Zone. You are to do what you can to get to the final submission. And this might spark a side of you, you never even knew existed.

9. At Xobin Hackathon, you will be building cool stuff

At our hackathon, we encourage you to build cool stuff. Using various technologies like Socket.io, text mining and stuff, not only are you going to get used to building with these, but also gain some insights into them if you have already worked on them.

We are basing it on a progressive level of problem statements that will leave you free from all the usual ambiguities concerning the choice of language and other tools. You just get down to business without worrying about other things.

9¾. Make new friends, and maybe more.

You never know, you could be working next to your future co-founder/colleague.

As we all know “A lot can happen over a cup of coffee”.Why not bring the thing you love into the fray as well.

Code, coffee and converse. ;)

Let’s meet this Sunday. Make sure to get your pass by registering here.