Procrastinate NOW!!!

Just do it, later!

You are a timely person, you do all your work on time, keep things organized and planned? Congratulations! For what? Not having a life.

I mean, who wants to be timely and organized when you can have so much fun while being unorganized and cool. Stop living your life around what is about to happen, instead live in the present. Yes, working 18 hours a day may lead you to a better future, but what are the odds? And why should you worry about what is to come and waste your present in anticipation of something that has no guarantee of happening? Also, is it really worth sacrificing your sleep for something as trivial as work efficiency? You will get that promotion one way or the other, maybe it will take a couple years more, but what’s the rush?

See the amazing alternatives to working like a donkey, you could browse Facebook/Twitter/Insta at work and no one would be wiser about it. You still get paid for browsing these sites right? And the best part, your employer will think you are being very dedicated and spending extra time in the office hours, and you can set an awesome benchmark for your colleagues ;) . It’s not like none of them do it anyway. You could just gossip with your friend in the other cabin about how bad that last game of FIFA was, or how you took an amazing headshot to win your team the game, all via Whatsapp.

And what else, who needs to be fit, when you can do all your workout at home playing FIFA/Battlefield on your Play station. Janice from Accounting isn’t that great a person to strike a conversation in office anyway. Specially when you have Mike to play a game on steam with.

Nothing comes close to scoring that winner, not even you hunger

The air outside is so polluted that it doesn’t make that much sense to go out and endanger your lungs. Instead, you can simply spend your weekend Binge watching that new Netflix series, or just go back to watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Play station never says “NO”, and neither does XBOX. Best part about sitting at home is, instead of socializing with a select group of people, you can interact with all your friends online, so why spend so much time and energy in going out and meeting them? Maybe you will be really happy for a while, and have a lot of fun. Okay, so what? You can have a lot of fun playing FIFA and talking to your friends via messenger. You really can’t do that when you go out, can you?

Sleep early, wake up early, get your work done in time. It is all a farce to force people to stop having fun and make them obedient and monotonous and efficient and effective. Who wants to be all that, when you can be cool, and awesome while doing nothing. You know the answer, only “losers”.

Truth is, there are so many reasons for you to waste your time instead of doing something useful at every chance you get, I just don’t see why people want to finish their work early and lose out in life.

Our Amazing Prime Minister said this a couple of weeks back:

I think we need more satire and humour. Humour brings happiness in our lives. Humour is the best healer.

Have a good day everyone :)