The thought at the end of the day and the thought that makes you smile

The name that soothes your heart and the face that’s in your head all the while

It’s the one person who means more than something special,

Its the one who you’ve been looking for


Being alone is but a state of mind

When it pays itself manifolds back in kind

There are a million of us waiting to be found

While the ravages of time just continue to compound

Freedom of thought and expression with a host of opportunities

Letting go of thoughts from…

Finding good developers is hard. Specially when the sources you look up to find them are common and are the obvious ones. What you need is a little headstart in accomplishing your task. And today, we managed to compile a list of hacks that will help you navigate this problem with ease.

Use the power of Google’s deep search engine algorithm to find the best and most suited developer for your firm.

Fun fact: More than 50% of the developers have had a change of employment in the last 2 years.

Interact, the flagship product of Xobin is glad to announce its latest Integration, with the leading Recruitment Software, Greenhouse.

Interact, the leading AI based smart assessment platform from Xobin, and Greenhouse, the world’s leading recruitment platform, today announced an integration. This integration adds intelligent proctored assessments in every software skill for human resource professionals using Greenhouse’s platform.

Hiring doesn’t have to be crazy. All growing tech companies run into…

Hire the best without missing out on any good engineers

Top Tech companies always aim for the best: the best talent, best resources, best practices, best everything. But what truly differentiates a wannabe top company from a real top company is the high standards they set in their talent acquisition and recruitment. The way they treat their recruitment cycle.


Now that you have started on your path to becoming a world-class front end developer, time to find a job. The key here is to not get into any job that offers web development.

A simple search for front end jobs on google produces:

  • 2600+ results on LinkedIn
  • 1800+ on Naukri (Bangalore alone),
  • around 900 startups on AngelList.

It is clear that there is no lack of opportunities for a good web developer. But, like I have mentioned before, it is never as easy…

Krishna Chaitanya

Product Manager @

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