What is new in knee and shoulder pain treatment?

The knee because it is a major weight bearing joint and the shoulder joint due to its range of motion are subject to chronic pain. Not surprisingly pain in these joints is a leading cause of doctor’s visits. Traditional care for shoulder and knee problems involves medications, injections, physical therapy and surgery. Unfortunately these approaches often prove inadequate and many patients have chronic shoulder or knee pain.

Muscles on the neck and shoulders

It is not uncommon for us to treat patients who have pain even after multiple surgeries. New research suggests that chronic shoulder or knee pain, may be the result of scar tissue formation that occurs after injury or even after injections and surgery. See once soft tissue, like muscles or tendon is injured it heals with scar formation. If you look at scar tissue under a microscope. it looks like straw in a stable. A very haphazard pattern. Scientists call this disorganized scar tissue. It appears that better healing occurs in the knee or shoulder joint when scar tissue is more “organized”. A relatively new technique called instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization is believed to promote scar organization and thus relieve pain even in old knee or shoulder problems. It involves precision tools designed especially to promote organization of scar tissue and thus pain relief and healing. After using this technique, we often apply laser therapy to the knee and shoulder, to further promote proper healing. Many of our knee and shoulder pain patients are reporting remarkable results with this new treatment combination.

Dr. George Kukurin is a member of the charter class of chiropractic neurologists.

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