2 FlipGrid Hacks for the Classroom

Individual Video Portfolios & Small Group Project Archiving

On a whim this afternoon I posted a quick video about a unique approach to leverage Flipgrid to create individual student video portfolios. I was surprised at the traction the post received, so I’ve decided to expand it a bit here.

Hack #1: Individual Student Video Portfolios

The process is quite simple, and I think the return could be quite powerful to track student progress and growth over time.

Simply setup a new Grid for your class. However, instead of creating a Topic that the entire class will respond to, create a Topic for each student. Simply provide the access code of each topic to each student and let the video reflections begin.

There could of course be the occasional cross post, meaning a student posts to the wrong topic (intentional / unintentional), but I think the potential here is worth the one small potential pitfall to the setup. Additionally, to avoid this potential problem, I suggest keeping all Topics moderated. As the students can end up on the Grid itself and could see the Topics of their classmates, for this use case of FlipGrid, moderation is in order.

Hack #2: Unique Grids for Small Group Projects

A slight variation on the previous idea, in this instance the teacher creates a unique grid (with a unique password) for each small group in the class. The purpose here is to create a unique location for each group to capture and reflect on their process as they work through a multi-class period or multi-week project. The workflow for this process is quite streamlined because of the ability to make a master Grid (with pre-loaded Topics) that can be duplicated for each new group. (see image below)

The other added benefit to this process is that unique Topics can be added to small group Grids based on the needs and progress of that particular group. A teacher may provide a unique reading or resource for only one group & then the teacher can add a Topic specific to that resource for that group.

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Instructor & Creator for EdTechTeacher (edtechteacher.org), husband, dad to 2, iOSdj and former History Teacher. Half of the So We've Been Thinking Project.

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