Google Meet — Breakout Rooms

Facilitating Small Group Video with G Suite & Google Meet

With the increased need to connect with students virtually due to school closings, many educators that are already familiar with G Suite, Google Drive and Google Classroom were quickly introduced to Google Meet. An outstanding tool to facilitate synchronous, remote learning, Google Meet has been updated over the past few weeks to make it even more viable for classroom teachers. The most recent updated included Google Meet integration with Google Classroom. However, there is still one feature that I have seen many educators express interest in seeing in Google Meet…Breakout Rooms. While it isn’t a native feature at this point, it is possible with a bit of prep & setup to simulate a breakout room experience by combining: Google Classroom, Google Slides & Google Meet.

Good luck with creating small group breakout rooms with Google Meet! You can access the slide deck that I demonstrated in the video walk through HERE.

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