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Most people don’t remember the movie Soylent Green for it’s depiction of climate change, but there it was, already creating havoc in 1973 and no doubt contributing to the food crisis which was being solved by the eponymous miracle food.

Forty plus years later and we can now read articles that unfortunately still sound like science fiction to most people, but are just an attempt to alert us to an all to likely real future. The problem is that appealing to the ‘rational’ side of humans completely misses our decision making process. Lets face it, if we were rational would Trump be President?

Renewable forms of energy are the easy part. Reprogramming the human species to make all the other change that a sustainable world will require (such as vastly fewer people) is the part that will take many more generations. All the scenarios for avoiding catastrophic climate change tend to aim at the year 2100, as if we’ll be home free if we can make it until then. Actually, that’s when the true long term impacts begin.

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