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GLAD sponsored by the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit 2019 will take place on 20 February. You will better understand Blockchain, the greatest technological and financial revolution of the 21st century, with the expression of expert speakers in the sphere. Thus, Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit rolls out the distinction of being the largest-scale event of the region, ever held in this field. More than 5,000 attendees from 43 countries will attend the conference and more than 10,000 people will be watching live.

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Both brand and agency experts debate how programmatic approaches in the advertising space might unlock creative opportunities and what future doors that might open. Is creativity in the programmatic sphere the next Holy Grail for an industry set on connecting with the right consumer at the right place and time?

Programmatic in Vogue

If taking the lead on trends is part of your brand identity then it follows that Topman should offer up a crop of fresh ideas in its creative strategy as much as on its shop floor. …

Over the last four years Missing People has shifted its marketing spend from print to programmatic in a move the charity says has enabled it to “save lives”.

Charity Missing People has credited a shift from print to programmatic with helping it to “save lives”.Speaking at the Get With The Programmatic conference, Ross Miller, director of fundraising and communication at Missing People, said the charity’s biggest problem has been budget and the challenge of having no marketing spend.

“We have a big goal, to find every child, but one of our key challenges is resources. We have the challenge of…

We have 2 great news for the GLAD community today :

1-We’re proud to announce the successful completion of our private pre-sale earlier than roadmap time. All available tokens have been sold, and the presale is now closed.

2-We are excited to announce our ICO has now started, to support this new phase of our project you will see that our website has also received an update.

The public token sale has started today. It will last until October 31, 2018

You can buy the GLAD token from our website

• ICO Price:0,0000075

We are thrilled about the huge number of positive reactions we’ve been receiving from the community so far. A big thank you for your support and trust in our project!

Thank you again for your contribution to bringing GLAD to life!

Your GLAD team

From this day forth, we are beginning to share success stories of brands in the programmatic ecosystem. The first hero of the series: “The Economist”

The Economist showed the world in 2015 how to use programmatic advertising like a boss. It won the Masters of Marketing award for its series on strategy and campaign.Economist created 60 creatives to target some 650k prospects who were reading similar stories on leading news sites.
With the help of dynamic advertising, creatives were built in real-time which matched the viewer’s preferences and the current story he was reading to one of the Economist’s similar story.Here’s…

Like so many industries awash in information, advertising is being consumed and transformed by technology. Programmatic advertising is the automated process of buying and selling ad inventory through an exchange, connecting advertisers to publishers rather than having to make individual deals with each publisher.Programmatic uses machine learning technology to improve efficiency and make better budget decisions for advertisers. If programmatic is the car you’re driving, machine learning is the engine that powers it.

What Does That Mean?

A machine learning algorithm can be used as a component of the programmatic technology to identify patterns and signals that allow for real-time, actionable decision making, performance…

Pretend you’re running an ad campaign and you’re trying to target 45-year-old mothers who enjoy extreme sports and have an interest in vintage fashion. Where do you start and how do you find that exact audience? An extreme sports magazine? A fashion show’s commercial? Maybe, but how often do those even run? It would take months of trial and error to figure out what works best. In most cases, you’re left playing a guessing game and hoping that once your ad is up and running the right people are seeing the content.

How do you find your target audience? The…

GLAD Token pre-sale is now live, until September 15th, 2018!

Dream a holistic advertising platform which provides effective solutions for the online advertising ecosystem to minimize costs on buyer and seller sides.GLAD provides all of them.The project brings together the international team of technological experts and the advisors who aim to bring the current advertising to a new level.

GLAD is a powerful synergy of creative minds and the latest technology. For this reason, the GLAD team and our renowned advisors are excited about the private pre-sale. …

At its core, the digital-advertising ecosystem is built around one fundamental relationship — the one between advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers are the owners of the offers and are in need of users for their wonderful content, and Publishers are the providers of that amazing traffic where high-quality users will convert on the offers they land in.This relationship has existed for almost as long as people have been doing business.In addition to the different players described above, it is also important to mention another aspect of the advertiser-publisher relationship: Programmatic.Programmatic …

We are pleased to announce that GLAD coin is being converted to ERC20 token.We believe that it is essential that we continue to adhere to a high standard of quality and security when it comes to our user community of users, investors and followers. Purpose of this change is that to reach more cryptocurrency exchanges.

Thank You For Being Part Of This Wonderful Community!



A Holistic and Disruptive Approach to Digital Ad Business

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