Simple Steps to Whitening Yellow Teeth

Are you looking for a DIY approach to whitening your teeth? You can avoid spending $40 on a product endorsed by a celeb or hundreds of dollars on professional teeth whitening treatments that your dentist provides. This simple solution for cleaner whiter teeth is something you can do at home and you may already have all the ingredients needed.

In this video the Youtuber has her own special remedy that anyone can follow. She lists the ingredients which are easy to follow.

Add 1 tablespoon toothpaste in a bowl (the toothpaste can be any brand but avoid mint toothpaste)

Add a pinch of salt

Add a teaspoon of baking soda

Add 4–5 drops of lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients properly

Apply a little bit of the mixture on your toothbrush and apply to teeth

Brush your teeth for 4 to 5 minutes

After applying these steps according to the Youtuber you will see an instant difference and you should do this remedy once after every 2 months. It is very useful in removing yellow stains on teeth. Keep in mind the ingredients of lemon juice and baking soda are acidic and if used on a regular basis they can damage your teeth.

This is a simple application that can be done at home and it doesn’t cost anything. You should have these ingredients in your home but if you don’t it’s very cheap to get them. If you’re interested in a brand name product that according to celebs is proven to work consider the Hey White Smile, read our Hey White Smile Teeth Whitening Kit review.

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