I just decided to use SoGoSurvey to complete a survey required for my Capstone Project at Northern Arizona University! During this capstone experience I personally hope to gain an enhanced understanding of the barriers, challenges, and opportunities that military leaders face when returning from combat zones to join the civilian workforce. By analyzing both combat leadership and civilian leadership, I hope to gain an increased understanding of the leadership traits that make them independently effective and more importantly, the connections and correlations between them that make it possible to adapt leadership to specific environments.

Five preliminary objectives/deliverables I hope to produce through the capstone using SoGoSurvey (http://www.sogosurvey.com):

· Identification of the most effective methods to translate military combat leadership to civilian leadership.

· A list of the top ten significant advantages that combat leadership lends to effective civilian leadership in today’s workforce.

· Identify the most common mistakes and lessons learned for combat leaders when entering the civilian workforce.

· Identify the advantages and challenges business owners face when employing combat veterans.

  • Identify the existing organizations that have been established to aid combat veterans in their transition to the civilian workforce.
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