A Look at How Our Fear of Loss and Change Leads Us to Suffering

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As a society, we don’t embrace change and endings well. To create a new collective story about goodbyes, we need to change how we view change. We need to accept that with every change comes an ending. And that an ending, whether it be of a life, relationship, job, or limiting belief, means a death of its existence in that state.

Death is a topic that frequently gets associated with the ending of someone’s life. Dealing with death tends to bring up feelings of pain and suffering, something that we’re fearful of. But death surrounds us at every moment. Your…

How Death Changed The Way I Deal with Life

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Like an ability or muscle, hearing your inner wisdom is strengthened by doing it. -Robbie Gass

I was working as a psychotherapist at an outpatient clinic in the Bay Area when I received a call from my father.

“Your mother had a stroke, mi hija.”

After nearly 30 years of marriage and raising two daughters to adulthood, my mom spent her last hour of life in a therapy session recounting her 54 years of existence. It was the first time she had sought help for her depression which had plagued her since childhood. …

The unexpected antidote to navigating change and loss with ease.

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“Random or conscious acts of kindness can not only create ripples of positivity but create a real revolution.” -Shawn Achor

I had the honor of seeing Shawn Achor speak at an event in Chicago. The world’s leading expert on happiness and success and the New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage, Shawn reminds us that happiness, or what he refers to as “rational optimism,” is a powerful and often overlooked antidote to coping with the harsh reality we’re living in.

According to Shawn’s research, if you’re constantly scanning the world for the negative (ie: watching endless loops of…

Dr. Gladys Ato

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