A friend of mine,
underestimated for being nice.

The smile on his face represents his happy little soul, it cheers everyone around him and brings happiness to others like the sights of sparklers and sunflowers.

Too busy to make others happy, he almost forgot about his own happiness. He doesn’t even mind for being underestimated by others. People take him for granted. People humiliate him.

I know how it feels to not being fit in with society, to be humiliated for just being who you are. But choosing to be your own self in this world full of hate is the best & the bravest thing you could possibly do.

I completely know the fear itself holds you back from being who you really are. But let it shine, let yourself express what’s within you. Do not fear society, even if you are, just pretend not to be, nobody can tell the difference, anyway.

And yes, do cross oceans for people. Be kind without questioning their worth. It is okay to show more love than you’ve ever gotten back, it’s all about what you give, and I wish you had that kind of courage, dear my dearest friend.

Remember that you are immensely beautiful when you always see beauty in others. Let your kind soul brings the feel of warmth like a sunshine to others.

Your happy little soul is like a sky freckled with stars. Just go as far as you can

You will shine.

— g.

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