Self Discovery

A daily activity

I am always discovering things about me. Things I like and those I don’t. Situations I can tolerate and those I just walk away from. Topics I am passionate about writing on and those that are just a drab. And I have come to realise its OK. Because as humans, we are more in a fluid state than solid. Change is always around the corner.

When I started my medium account, I was not very sure what exactly I wanted to write about. Did I want to focus on just one thing or many different things? I am passionate about different topics so which one should I choose? Do I actually need to choose anyways?

I decided to just write and let myself find my voice along the way. And as I have interacted with other writings as well, I think I have come to a conclusion on what my medium brand will be about, healthy work spaces and all things that encompass that.

This is an area I have a lot of experiences in having been in employment my entire twenties. I have been able to see the work place as management and as well as just being a staff member. I have been fortunate enough to have a taste of both worlds and therefore believe I have value to add on that front and so that is the direction that I will focus my writing on.

There’s a lot out here about how to be a good leader and manager but not much on employees and their rights, so I will like to add my voice on that space and challenge management, mostly, but will also address employees issues.

A healthy work space is my goal really. It feels really good to finally zero in on the space I would like to talk on here.

Looking forward to add some value, engage with like minded people, or just different opinions. But definitely to always add value.

High Maintenance Employee.