Self Doubt

by Gary Vee (check him out)

I love writing and I am currently interning at a Branding Agency and I was thrown in the deep end to help come up with content for a client’s brand book. And I kinda froze! I was a bit shaken. I immediately experienced writer’s block as soon as I tried to start putting my thoughts down. Why? I was judging myself.

I am my own worst critic. I have good and bad days, but I kind of don’t know how to handle compliments and so I tend to downplay them. People love my writing; some are waiting for me to write a book; but what about me? Well, I at times think people exaggerate. I used to perform poetry, until one day I didn’t. Reason, I felt I was not good enough. I couldn’t rhyme like some of the poets; but every time I used to perform, someone would walk up to me and tell me how my piece had inspired them. But again, my own worst critic

I know there are other people like me out there, who even their best is not enough. And especially those who suffer from perfectionism, which of course is a sign of a more deep rooted issue that needs to be dealt with. I know this cos I am a sufferer. LOL. I know how it feels to doubt yourself at every juncture and especially when you compare yourself to other people. Gary Vee, my new found drug, talks a lot about how it’s you vs you or that’s how it should be; and I agree. Theory and practicals are very different things though. Lol.

Competing against other people is a bit unfair to yourself. You can benchmark, but don’t compete. You can use others as an inspiration, but as soon as they become a reason for you to feel bad about yourself, then it’s not healthy any more.

If nothing else, I hope that whoever reads this and is suffering with being proud of themselves and their awesomeness, that you will know that you are great, you may not be perfect, but you got this. You are where you’re supposed to be. Don’t let go of opportunities because you think you are not the best suited. While it is important to be self-aware, be sure not to self-sabotage. Always do your best and trust that your best is enough.

I will update on how the brand book content goes, but for now, we are awesome, and talented and amazing and great at the stuff we do and we should never forget that.


Ms. Mollah