Me Too
Emma Lindsay

This was a refreshing read and it reminds me of when I decided to rebel against societal expectations. If it doesn’t make sense to me, I’m not getting involved. Oh and I have been judged for going against the grain but I decided I am important enough to care about my own feelings and thoughts. And we all kind of have a moral compass; we know basic right from wrong so I don’t need my decisions to be weighed against, who again comprises of society? You’re born into a certain environment, as you grow up you develop individualism, and you start questioning certain things. As you point out, most of us would rather not ruffle any feathers, so we maintain the status quo, but you do have a choice. Only that being a rebel, can be the lonelier path. But I always say, I must be able to live with myself; so being true to me is first, then everyone else can pick a number after that. Thanks for writing this.