Day 2: Andela Bootcamp Nairobi.

Anyone who stops learning is old. Whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning is young. Henry Ford

So my learning journey continues.

Today was more exciting than yesterday (at least for me). I got to learn something which i didn’t know before at all. I have always known there is an online project hosting repository called GitHub. Heck, i even had an account there! But, i had never used it.

So, today i got to learn all this exciting stuff about it. Like how to create a repository in GitHub and then connect it to a local repository in your local machine using Git bash. The commands used to make that possible for example git init which initializes a new Git repository, git status which checks the status of that repository, git commit (which is very important by the way) takes a snapshot of the repository , git push which ‘pushes’ the changes made on local repository to online repository and may more.

Most importantly, i learned that when working in GitHub, various snapshots of your work are actually saved after committing so if you want to go back and check on work you had say 2 days ago and committed, you will definitely find it. How cool is that? Also, many people can collaborate on a project using different branches and the changes are merged afterwards on the master. That is some very useful tool.

So, from now on all my projects are definitely going to be reposited on GitHub because you know, its awesome :)