My Digital Story
Samuel Helgeson

Grant Glaeser

Samuel Helgeson

Point: The point of his digital story was to show how his life has changed since attending the U of M. Sam also points out how he pushes himself to succeed no matter the challenge.

Dramatic Question: There is not a dramatic question I can identify.

Emotion: Yes, I was emotionally engaged because you bring up things such as your family and the changes you faced when coming to the U of M. They allow the viewer to relate.

Voice: Your voice had great pacing and I was able to follow along very easily.

Soundtrack: The soundtrack was light and helped bring the story together.

Economy: I think your digital story was great and you used images that complimented your commentary. Your pictures expressed your emotions and feelings.

Pacing: Great pacing, it was easy to follow and engage. You dont go to quick or slow which allows the viewer to interpret your pictures and commentary.

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