Story rough cut. Post 6
Nicholas Rawn

Grant Glaeser

Nicholas Rawn

Point: The point of they story is to illustrate how Nick’s life is changing and will continue to due to the U of M.

Dramatic Question: There was not a dramatic question.

Emotion: Yes, I was emotionally engaged because Nick brought up various points that most students have, the fear of the large workload or not knowing what you want to do with your life.

Voice: I thought his voice worked well and was very easy to follow throughout the video.

Soundtrack: There was no soundtrack.

Economy: Many images were of his family and friends which helps the viewer connect. I don’t think there were any forgotten images and I though it was a great rough cut.

Pacing: The pacing was great and easy to follow. He did not go to fast for the images which helps the viewer understand what he is trying to say.

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