Medium Post 1, Non-service Learning Track

For the final project I’ve chosen to take the non-service learning track. The option I chose consists of interacting with students from various backgrounds and finding out what influenced their first year experiences. Some things that I have to incorporate in my findings/questions include identities, values, strengths and interests. Option two stood out to me because I would be comparing the first year experiences of students. This interests me because I would be observing their transition from high school to college. In addition, I would be taking note on how they balance life and school. This option would give me the ability to explore the student population and possibly create new relationships. I would be learning on a deeper level by talking to people about their past and future at the University. Also, the information would allow me to interpret the Universities student identity. Gathering information would consist of interviewing various students around campus. I would ensure that I interview a diverse group of students. The information would be recorded and then documented on Medium. Some questions I would ask are as follows, what kind of experience have you had during your first semester and how does it compare to your previous expectations? How would you describe the student body? If you had to describe the U of M with one word, what would it be? Was coming to the U of M a big change for you and if so, how? Describe your background, how is it similar or different from the community at the University? Have you participated in any school activities or opportunities that have had an impact on you? These questions would give me a clear vision of a student’s first year experience as well as their opinions. Lastly, I hope to gain insight about how a student mentally approaches and handles the ups and downs of college.

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