That Plane Moment when We’re Super Focused

I really appreciate the focused time I’m able to spend in planes, at least when the flight isn’t too early in the morning. In addition to being more productive and creative, I just feel much better all day long when starting the day like this.

Having no interruption and no possible escape to what’s happening in front of you is what makes these moments happen.

Of course it’s common knowledge that people work better outside of the office, in trains or planes, or simply when there is no internet access. Still, we need to remember this more often, and not get satisfied with “feeling busy feeling” daily routine.

We forgot how it was before ~6 years ago when checking all our different “feeds” was not such a strong habit. In 2016, it’s just insane the number of personal and professional stuff you can check all day long at the office, at home, in the transports. Emails, social, daily news, and more. And I’m not even talking about push notifications, I’ve always turned them off.

I’m taking about how easy it is to constantly escape the present moment because we just struggle to accomplish something. Internal interruptions like checking emails, social stuff or your phone rather than fighting a bit with your brain to solve that problem is a really destructive habit. It provides super short term effect mini shots of dopamine but leads to no accomplishment feeling.

When I have days where I don’t manage to focus well it usually comes alongside with constant interruptions, multi-(tiny)tasking, overwhelming feeling… And it makes me feel dumb. It even affects my real life social abilities with some kind of “zombie” mode. I really believe about the chemistry in the brain and this habit is killing it over time.

Fortunately chemistry works both ways. I feel smart and mentally sane when I manage to get fully focused and accomplish projects, whatever their size. Focusing on the present moment for a certain period of time without interruption until accomplishment create a very positive wave in my brain. Kind of the same one created during that very plane moment.

Being distracted by internal and external factors still concerns me a lot. As an entrepreneur, productivity, achievement, continuous improvement and most of all peace of mind are really important to be able to move forward. And I still need to improve all these aspects.

Back to that plane moment

Fortunately I don’t fly all the time and these few hours of +110% focus time will never be enough to run and develop a business. And it’s not life.

Then, the only solution is to dominate some of our bad habits by slowly changing them, stopping bad ones and forcing good ones. I really believe we can bring back to our daily routine these plane moments positive shots and create long term brain changes that slowly create a very positive routine.

I think having a free mind and an ability to focus on what’s happening right now is just how human being has been programmed to live.

Lastly, I don’t believe the average person can really focus 8 hours per day, and also need to relax. So, when you really can’t focus, either work on “autopilot” tasks or have a break. A real one, not checking facebook.