Struggles and successes

Running a makeup account can be really difficult, it requires posting as frequently as possible and taking out your time to create content. As well as this, you need to be patient or it will drive you crazy. The makeup industry is very competitive and as a makeup artist you always want to be the best.

Right now I am facing the struggle of having the worst and lowest engagement because I had to stop posting when a-level exams came around. Running that account took over my life and I dedicated all my time to it, but in the end I had to prioritise my education. At the time I was doing really well on my page getting over 400 likes, a lot of recognition and my followers supporting everything I was doing. However, I had been off Instagram for over two months which meant I lost 40–50 followers and trying to revive my page to where it used to be will take all the patience in the world.

As annoying as this can be, running a makeup account comes with benefits. Makeup artists are very close as a community which brings us all together supporting each other and making friends, it allows you to meet people who really want the best for you. As well as this, getting recognition for your work is one of the greatest feelings. When people tell me how talented I am and how they wish they could do eye looks like me really shows how much practice I have put in because I was once in that position wishing I knew how to do it.

Also, one of my favourite accounts called undiscovered_muas followed me recently and I have been trying so hard to be recognised by them. Small things like this really make your day and make running your account worthwhile.