Teachers Going Gradeless
Arthur Chiaravalli

There is a larger picture here than just providing a measurement of success for young adults. One huge issue not addressed is how staff is evaluated before being placed in front of impressionable minds. Giving staff the ability to pass/fail students without academic benchmarks that prove understanding and absorption of information is a formula for disaster. Imagine a world where students only have to agree with the educator to earn a pass…and those that challenge the educator earn a fail…and no academic performance measure to prove bias one way or the other. This places far too much power in the hands of an educator to decide winners and losers…and requires a complete disconnect from reality to believe there are no ideological biased educators. I find the very notion of unaccountable educators deeply disturbing and already a growing problem in the US education system…”teachers” pointing guns at images of our President in classrooms should make my point abundantly clear.

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