Wedding Planners in Chennai

Wedding Planners in Chennai

To-be-weds, if you are looking for that one amazing wedding planner to help you out with everything that spells wedding, here’s a little guide to help you with that. Featuring the best, classic and unique Wedding planners of Chennai in no particular order

The Knottt-Event Planners

School friends turned Co-founders who work side by side to support the beauty, emotion and artistry in the event community. They encourage their customers to find and celebrate their own personal style.

Event Art

Run by professionals from the advertising and communications business Lakshmi Ravichander (Anirudh Ravichander’s Mom) and Saraswathi Krishnakumar, the company successfully provides end to end solutions for events, live shows, theme get-togethers, product launches and corporate communication activities. Wedding planning and execution is also handled by a specialized group.

Marriage colours

Marriage Colours oversee your wedding planning so that, every small detail through to the bigger essentials, to ensure that every factor comes together with style and efficiency. They plan, perfect, and dream up all of the components of your special day and make sure that everything goes as planned.


Hotels are a popular choice when it comes to event planning and the search for a perfect event location. An event venue providing accessibility to virtually every budget is the hotel. Hotels can easily be found on nearly every corner in larger cities like chennai and coimbatore. We arrange your events at hotels as per your wish.


Puncutalls are the perfect event venue to organize huge and professional conferences and seminars. When planning an event to include a medium to large number of attendees, a conference center provides a great choice.Glam Royal provides Puncutalls as per Your Wish.We are here for plan your official meets.

Wedding Hall

Wedding Halls are the perfect venues to organize an host large events in a professional manner. Glam Royal is the best wedding planner in Chennai and Coimbatore. Hosting a large event encompassing several vendors, businesses and / or groups demand the need for a spacious venue.