This year, my first manufacturing trip brought me to mainland China. During the trip, I visited four cities and talked to all Glance clock suppliers located in China to ensure that the colors are right, the schedule is clear, and the parts quality meets my standards. It is always challenging to deal with anybody who does not speak the same language as you do, and it’s even more challenging to discuss some subjective things like color shades and surface treatment. Here is what happened during those two weeks at the end of June.

Second production batch

Last year, we had launched the first…

I hope you have enjoyed reading the first part about the information overload and will be interested in knowing more about multitasking. Both parts are essential basics which made the Glance concept complete and forward thinking. Please share and leave comments so that I better understand what makes sense for you. Thanks!

Part #2 — Multitasking

Multitasking is how we respond to information overload, right? You can Snapchat with three friends in three different cities, while refreshing Facebook to see how everyone is reacting to your latest post, and using Slack to alternate between the four projects you need to finish for work. …

This is a story that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. It provides some scientific facts that are a foundation of Glance clock concept and will stay for the further Glance Tech inventions.

The story is in three parts and here is the first one. Feel free to share with your friends. Enjoy!

Part #1 — Information Overload

Information overload is a terrible thing, but most people don’t understand what causes it. People will tell you that, since the advent of social media, we are all being exposed to much more information, but that’s not true. Humans have always been exposed to vast…

It has been a while since we shared WiFi development update #3, so it’s time to give you our next update on the WiFi model. Let’s get started.

Final architecture

We explained three different approaches to the schematic design of Glance 2.0 in the recent post, and we would like to say that over the past several months, we have explored all three in detail, and the solution that we thought would work best was not actually that great. We felt that if we left the current Processor and added a WiFi+Bluetooth module, we could quickly add new functionality at a low…

In the recent development update, we told you about the high-level features and changes that Wi-Fi can add to the Glance functionality and design. Last month we spent on the Wi-Fi module selection. It’s hard to make a final choice if you keep in mind that the solution we are selecting today will be used in thousands of devices that will be manufactured during the next few years. Thus, the solution should be reliable, cost-effective, have enough options for further upgrades, and handle millions of other things. We came up with three options that all have some pros and cons.

Two months have passed since the first update about the development of WiFi+BT Glance 2.0. Today, we wanted to share with you how the process is coming along.

We would like to start with a clarification on the “2.0” in the product name. We got quite many comments from our customers that it was not right to announce a 2.0 version while the 1.0 model had been just released to the market. Actually, we announced that we would work on new model a year ago during the Indiegogo campaign. Almost one thousand customers upgraded their orders to the next version…

As you know we were completely focused on the manufacturing of Glance 1.0 that has a lot of useful features that we are sure our early customers will love and appreciate. Time flies as the Glance team is back in the lab sitting in front of oscilloscopes, solder stations, power supplies doing what we love most — developing consumer electronics. Glance 2.0 is on the go, and here we would like to share a sneak peek on what has been done so far and how long it will take us to release Glance 2.0 to the market.

Untouched design

First of all…

In the past month, we have been spending most of our efforts in preparing the first batch of Glance clocks to be shipped, including testing firmware and updating the Glance clock App.

Now, we are close to reaching one of our biggest milestones: actually delivering the Glance clocks to our backers for them to experience it for themselves. Here are the latest updates about the Glance clock.

While we are waiting for certification and some critical parts, hundreds of PCBs are waiting for plastic housing and packaging to be assembled and shipped.

We are excited to be very close to the moment when we ship the first Glance Clock out into the world. Key hardware engineers and CEOs of Glance Tech are in Malaysia right now. They are checking that everything is going smooth with the manufacturing process.

Here we go with more details about our results with manufacturing, assembling, and testing the first batch of Glance Clock units.


We share news about manufacturing progress in every update, and we are glad to see your positive reaction to every photo we post. …

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