Glance Clock with WiFi vs. Bluetooth [VIDEO]

We recently announced a new stretch goal — Glance Clock with integrated WiFi. Glance Clock team received many questions about how the clock works with WiFi and how it will change the user experience. Anton, CEO of Glance Clock, shares his thoughts about why we decided to develop Bluetooth version first and then go for WiFi.

Glance Clock CEO Anton is talking about Glance Clock with Bluetooth and WiFi that will be released next year.
Glance Clock with Bluetooth, WiFi or even Wifi+Bluetooth?!

User Experience

Glance Clock with WiFi won’t be able to show incoming calls and notifications from your phone notification center because both iOS and Android don’t share such data with third party Apps and send it only to BT accessories. Glance Clock with Bluetooth can determine when you are nearby and display your personal notifications. Using WiFi Glance Clock is not able to recognize who is in the room, so the information on the clock might be addressed to a wrong person.


Glance Clock with WiFi will cost $20 more than the Bluetooth version. The clock with integrated Bluetooth as well as WiFi will cost $30 more than the Bluetooth version. The reason for that is simple. WiFi modules are 2–3 times more expensive than Bluetooth chips. This affects the overall Glance Clock price.

Delivery Date

The development process to integrate WiFi is not so simple and requires a lot of work. We have to make sure that the connection is stable and Glance Clock is able to work with any WiFi router in any network type


Bluetooth consumes significantly less power than WiFi. That means, that Glance Clock can operate on a single charge longer. The Glance Clock version with WiFi and WiFi+Bluetooth will be without battery. It will have only a charging cable.

Battery on your Phone

Glance Clock connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, but Bluetooth does not use so much battery as many of you expect. The clock is in a sleep mode most of the time and connects to your smartphone just 10% of the time.

Indiegogo Orders

If you purchased Glance Clock with Bluetooth on Indiegogo, you can upgrade it to the WiFi version or the WiFi+Bluetooth version. We will introduce special upgrade perks next week.

Which version do YOU prefer?

Please vote to help us understand the demand. If we get enough votes for WiFi or for Bluetooth+WiFi models we will be able to lower the amount needed for this stretch goal.

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