Stay connected and up to date, without getting distracted

In his book, Enchanted Objects, author David Rose describes the concept of “glanceability”. That is, the idea that devices should enable users to receive information easily, quickly, and most importantly, at a glance. Instead of constantly distracting users with obnoxious notifications, glanceable devices provide information in a non-invasive way, allowing users get updates while staying focused on their primary tasks.

With Glance Clock, we really took this idea to heart. We wanted to build something with a peripheral display design that would be more than a smart wall clock. We wanted to build the world’s first glanceable smart clock that acts as an assistant throughout your busy day.

You may find it interesting that people actually recognize and respond faster to shape and color than they do to changes in numbers. This is what drove the design of our glanceable smart clock. In other words, it is the colorful and visually complex aspects of Glance Clock that make it so glanceable.

Actually, getting the design for Glance Clock down was quite an iterative process. The goal was to replace standard digits with shape and color, as well as to incorporate user progress and various types of data representation. From star-shaped structures, to arcs, circles and rounded segments, we experimented with just about everything. Finally we found the right design and display format, and then added color LED lights to bring the whole concept to life.

At first look, Glance Clock for the most part looks like a regular clock with mechanical hands. But the fact of the matter is that Glance is so much more. With its unique fabric clock face and stellar LED light display, Glance gives you the information you need just when you need it. Track your daily tasks, schedule, sleep and just about anything else; Glance can integrate with your favorite apps and bring you notifications in an elegant on non-intrusive way.

Our prototype is ready and we feel that Glance Clock is a truly glanceable and unique device. As we get ready to move into our manufacturing phase, we’d love to hear from our supporters!

How do you plan on using your Glance Clock? Let us know!

p.s. If you’re really loving Glance, then please head over to our Indiegogo campaign and help us reach our stretch goals! Every dollar counts!

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