Products That Will Save Money In The Long Run

glani kali
Sep 5 · 4 min read
  1. These reusable Molly’s Marvelous Cloth that will cut your cleaning costs.
Molly’s Marvelous Cloth (front & back)

“As stated, this cloth only needs to be rinsed in warm water, wrung out and you are off to the races. Simply clean your glass or mirror and walk away.. Absolutely no wiping dry. I have used this product for quite a while and I would recommend it to anyone. Think of the cupboard space I save without having to buy all those cleaners. Just remember, don’t use any fabric softener. It truly is a miracle! Thanks Molly’s Cloth, you make window washing fun.” — Colleen J

Price: $9.99

2. A set of reusable portion containers that will encourage you to actually make your lunch & eat healthier

Perfect Portions

“I chose this set to get healthy eating back on track for the summer! At first it is overwhelming to see the “small” containers. But it is so quick and easy to meal prep with the containers! It has helped me make adjustments to eating when working from home especially. They are not great for transporting as they are not leak proof, but again, they do the trick in portion control, as they were designed for. Easy to track with color coded containers and came with snapshot flyer with food suggestions.” — sarebear

Price: $13.50

3. Fresh Paper will keep your valuable fruits and veggies fresher for longer.

Fresh Paper Produce + Fresh Paper Bread

“I’ve been looking for a way to keep cilantro fresh in the fridge for more than 4 days for a long time. I’ve tried all kinds of things before: the Ziplock bag, in a jar with little water and covered with plastic bag, in a jar no water with a lid, etc. etc. and no luck.
In Dec.02 I put 2 bunches in a plastic container with one of these sheets on the bottom then a paper towel and the cilantro on top of the paper towel, today there is still one of the bunches that I haven’t used and it looks fresh and healthy!!! It’s been almost one month!
I’m just amazed!!!” —
Laura Vidal

Price: $10.99

4. This pack of 2 Grocery Holders will most likely save your back!

Handzy In Use

“Gone are the days of multiple treks to the car and back or pinching my fingers between plastic bag handles! These even keep grocery bags from spilling everything if they roll over in the car — I bought two other pairs and gave them as gifts and everyone has loved them!” — Julie Rogers

Price: $19.99

5. A pack of refillable K-Cups so you can use your favourite ground coffee in your Keurig machine (and create less waste).

Reusable Cafe Cup

“This Item works very well and is far more economical than buying K-cup coffee

For optimum use, grind your own coffee beans. A lot of reviews state that they found the coffee weaker and a lot say it was stronger. I’m going to hazard a guess that it was due to the grind of the beans. I use a burr type grinder set near the finest grind of the machine. If you are using a spin type grinder… get a burr type grinder and keep the spin type for grinding spices. If you are just using purchased “ground” coffee , you are probably using a grind suitable to a drip coffee maker or maybe even a percolator. You are not using a grind that is in the purchased K cups… have a look at the grind. Also, these filter units do not build up the pressure as do the purchased coffee K cups, so you need to work that into the equation. If your Keurig has a “strong brew” option, use that.

I’m happy with the units and they will work great for me.” — scott barlow

Price: $11.95

6. Prevent Your Sink From Being Clogged For 1 Year!

Sani Stick — Lemon

“These tiny little sticks are placed in your drain of your sinks. They help to keep the sinks clear and unclogged as well as prevent any smell that may come from drain trap.” — Gail A. Rippeto

Price: $11.99

You looking at your bank account and realizing how much $$$ you’ve actually saved:

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