A Prince On a White Horse

I wait for the opportunity to save you…

I am in love with someone who is already “taken”. Someone who is already seeing someone else.

It wasn’t until after I fell for her, that I learned she wasn’t single.

It didn’t matter.

But as I exist today, thinking about her, daydreaming of her.

I am reminded each time, that she isn’t “mine”…

That she is with another guy. A guy she chose before I knew her.

So, I tell myself that the timing was bad. Wrong place at the wrong time.

But then she tells me things.

That she is struggling with him. That he cheated on her. That he lies to her.

She fights with him all the time.

Why the hell is she not with me, then?

I yearn to be her prince on a white horse, ready and waiting to save her, to live happily ever after with her.

Why cant she see this?

Or, is it that she already does.

And just would rather not be saved…