The More I Know About You…

It seems to me

That the more I know about you

The more I have mixed feelings about you

It’s funny how little details can say so much

About a person…

Who you are, how you treat others

What your habits are like

As I learn more about your past

Through Facebook photos, and friends

My perception of you becomes more real, and less dream-like

You start to become, just another person to me

And in a way, it hurts

Because when I am in love with someone, I don’t want to believe that they have any faults

That they are “perfect”, in every way, like a dream

Part of that perception is within me, loving you with all my heart

As such, I can never find fault in you

But another part of my perception

Is in my denial, that I could never fall in love with someone so imperfect

Because I realize, that I am as imperfect as you are

Our imperfection is the nail that I hang my heart on

Every time I see your face, and love you more

As I fight from within

Struggle with the thought that you are both perfect and imperfect

My heart wrestles with the notion

That I fell in love with you for a reason

And in the end, that reason is everything I need

The way, that I need… you