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Benjamin Dobson
Aug 11, 2018 · 3 min read

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Reliable, Experienced, Friendly, Professional plumbers. Water Softness

People often ask, ‘how hard is the water in Glasgow?’ That’s a good question because the hardness of the water in your home can affect a lot of things from how quickly limescale collects in your kettle to how much your shampoo lathers.

Here’s what the Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland says –

“Water that is hard contains dissolved salts of calcium and magnesium. Rain water may pick up these minerals as it seeps through soil and rocks. Chalk or limestone rocks contain the greatest amount of these minerals, but they are not common in Scotland, so most water supplies are classified as soft.”

Which is great news as, for one thing, you skin will be less prone to dryness.

For fast, reliable and professional Plumbers in Glasgow west end Call [ ] now.


A common complainant is water leaks around the home. And it’s surprising how quickly a simple dripping tap can add pounds to your water bill. Whatever it is, however, small it’s costing you money!

Call [ ] now for a quick, no obligation call to one of our skilled, friendly plumber Glasgow west end to discuss how they can help you get to grips with your drips before they drain your bank account.

Remember Scottish Water can’t help with leaks around the home, but we can. Call [ ] now and we’ll put you in touch with a reliable, qualified plumber Glasgow west end to take care of all your plumbing needs.

For further information on where your responsibility ends and where Scottish Water’s begins check out this useful guide.

For fast, reliable and professional Plumbers Glasgow west end Call [ ] now.

Water Meters

Water meters can be a great way to economise if you use water wisely within your property. They measure the water that you use, and you pay for only that water. They may not be suitable for everyone, it will depend on a number of factors but if you feel that a water meter might work for you then find out more at Scottish Water.

For fast, reliable and professional Plumbers in Glasgow west end Call [ ] now.


Do you know what the most common reasons for blocked pipes are? Well, according to Scottish Water

“Every year there are approx. 37,000 blocked drains and sewers across Scotland, which can cause flooding which affects you and your neighbours and pollutes rivers, burns and coastal waters in your local area. Around 80% of these blockages that clog up the cycle are caused by either inappropriate items being put down the toilet, or fat, oil and grease being put down the sink.”

So, next time you think about flushing that wipe down the toilet or innocently scrapping your scraps down the plug hole, think about what damage you might be causing. And your blocked drains aren’t just an inconvenience for you but can also be having a real negative affect on the environment. But don’t worry, if you’ve got a blocked drain, we can help. Call [ ] now to speak with a qualified, licensed plumber in your area who’ll fix your blockage in no time.

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