Final Javelin — Report

Final Javelin — One page report

Since the beginning, our validation followed two different paths: the first one implied the final users, the second one involved hut’s owners as partners and customers. After the statements made in the previous report, we decided to start with huts’ managers because, thanks to the profitability study of our competitors, we assessed that the market of final users is fertile.

Step 1

We have started with interviewing mountain huts’ managers. The problems that the hut owners could face with are the usual offer, that does not stand out from the crowd, as well as the lack of new clients. The riskiest assumption was that the hut owners are happy with their offer and are not willing to change anything. After the interviews (1 via the face to face interview and 7 via a phone call), we have finished with 8 positive outcomes. We learned that the problem that we highlighted really exists and hut owners would be happy to find a solution to solve it.

Outcome step 1: SUCCESS

Step 2

We have presented the solution for the previously pointed problem.

The solution: What if we could provide the comfortable Glass Box, where guests can immerse in nature and relax out of the mountain hut full of other visitors? The Glass Box would be placed in the neighbourhood of the hut mountains. According to hut owners, this solution will enrich their offer. We needed then to face another risk assumption. Namely, how the law regulations regarding putting the structures like Glass Box in nature work? Do we need special authorizations? During the interviews, two of the hut owners claimed that there would be no problem. The first one have good relationship with the regulators and the latter directly owns the land. Moreover, we asked to the public administration about the related authorisations and we had a positive feedback since we can exploit up to two years temporary permissions (our structures are movable, without fitting into building regulations).

The outcome of the interviews let us think also about other issues. For instance, what is the way to deal with the connection for water waste? To overcome the problem, we decided that huts in natural parks will not be our target partners.

Outcome step 2: SUCCESS

Step 3

Our new ‘the riskiest assumption’ involved water waste connections. After the interviews, 1 of the hut owners has said, that does not think that it is a problem, whereas two others have said that they cannot provide us with any information in this matter. Moreover, through a meeting with our key partner LEAPfactory (which provides and install the structures) we have learnt that depending on the different places they are confident to come up with a cheap solution that can be included in installation costs.

Outcome step 2: SUCCESS

Step 4

Final users survey — who are our early adopters? Do they need our solution?

Our additional action towards a reliable validation was to ask the customers of the mountains huts to tell us if they would be interested in staying in a place like a Glass Box. In order to do that we have created a survey, where we have asked, for instance, with whom a person spends a free time; if likes to relax in nature; if would like to stay in the structure, where can admire the beauty of nature throw the glass walls, etc.

The outcome of the survey was extremely positive and confirmed our indirect validation that such solutions and experiences are currently riding the wave of tourism.

The survey:

The results: