PCS Validation — Glass Box

In mountain the turistic offer is quite basic and standard with only few mountain huts trying to make themselves more interesting with SPAs or high quality restaurants. Their customers nowadays are more and more exigent and want to experience something different. That’s why we firstly decide to understand if these assumptions were true, interviewing some of them. Seen that an interview could have been lasted longer than one question, we decided to run two experiments. The second one was related to the first: if they had felt those needs, we would have asked them about our solution.


We decided the questions for the experiments and some of us made some phone calls, some went directly in a hut for a face to face interview and the others focused on how to validate also the final consumers, projecting a questionnaire to be distributed among mountain huts customers.

The interviews were extremely positive and gave us strong feedbacks, we didn’t need great pivoting but we learned how to better select our customer base and which other problems can hamper our solution.


Having learnt about the existence of similar solutions like tree houses, we conducted a market research looking for possible competitors. We found few offers around the world and we assessed that their businesses are very successful since most of them are fully booked this year. These findings are very important for an indirect validation of possible guests, the market is fertile and the demand high.

Here we list some of them:

Amazing places and structures but none of them offer high quality services including privacy and confort and their position is static.

We leave you here some words of the interview of Paolo, owner of rifugio Maranza. Him, as an other owner interviewed (http://www.oresteshuette.eu/en/), volunteered to run a pilot project:

Now, who can provide a structure that is self-eco-sustainable, movable, equipped with shower and bathroom, with a bedroom surrounded by glass? We thought about commissioning the project to an architect and an engineer and then build it. After two projects, one of which you can see in the first figure, we found an interesting ex-StartUp: LEAPfactory.


All their products are conceived for a zero impact dwelling, the develop innovative construction system to find winning solutions to build and live in every place.

“ The activity of LEAPfactory is based on the continuous research for design solutions that can solve the problem of infrastructure the natural environment. Our aim is to think the relation between man, nature and artefact, in a new way. A new approach to the territory that aims to redefine the culture of dwelling”

We wrote to LEAPfactory to know something more, particularly about the costs of such dwellings. After some phone calls we found ourselves having a meeting with the company, they were interested in knowing more about our business idea.

Negotiations are still keep going but we hope to achieve a partnership with them.

We are lastly working on “concierge” delivery: hard work on social networks plus an implementation of a ‘fake’ website in which final consumers can book their fantastic journey into the wild,