The Pilot Project

We would like to share with you some of our thoughts regarding the development of our project.

We have found the hut owners willing to host our structure. Unfortunately, at this moment, we don’t have the possibility to invest a big amount of money in order to settle our structure in their places. That is because we have no concrete evidence that our project will work as we think. Obviously, we have done surveys targeting our potential customers, as well as competitor’s analysis. This indirect validation revealed that the market is promisingly profitable. Furthermore, we have a partner (LEAPfactory) that strongly believe in us and in our project. Nevertheless, it is not enough.

How to proof, that our project will be successful?

The pilot project will serve as a real validation, that will provide with a concrete evidence of the feasibility of the Glass Box project. That’s why we would like to obtain funds only for one structure, in order to dedicate it to our pilot project. After that, if everything goes as planned, we won’t have problems asking for a big investment since we would have concrete data revealing the returns and profitability.

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