It’s so confusing how some Black men want Black women to walk in solidarity against whiteness, but…
Nichole Richards

I have one question all these comments about black men need to be better etcetera etcetera.. The person that started this topic what is their experience with black men ? what is their point of reference ?. That is very important also if your saying black men need to be better because your comparing black men with men of other races this is just unfair bottomline. I am from Nigeria from what i know about the men according to the culture a lot of the thoughts and decisions is derived from “Oligarchy and warrior mentality” This oligarchy includes women or rather matriarch’s. The point i am trying to make is the so called feminists that are condemning black men you have to question where this very false offensive and aggressive vitriol is coming from ? What made them a feminist what books did you read because i am sorry if the person that started this hashtag or “black men are trash movement” haven’t taken a DNA test or really explained whom they are or why they decided to start this movement which very much comes from a negative experience i guarantee it.. They should be condemned and abandoned. It sounds like she ate one fruit and condemned the whole tree.. In my opinion the so called hyper masculinity or energy comes from the bloodline of former slaves whom were offsprings of warriors, kings and generals ( oligarchs ).. As far the extreme black femininity this comes from bloodline or former slaves whom were queens, wives or rather matriarchs.. Also about issues that African american men and women have stems from them not knowing themselves period.. If your a strong black woman whom is in conflict with men often being bitter won’t ever solve the issue.. your a queen and most likely a matriarch. I am not saying every black man or woman is innocent absolutely not. But without knowing who you really are how can you come to this conclusion ?.. A woman can lead a family just a man can according to igbo culture when decisions are made during family meetings the women and their chain of command come and the men and their chain of command are present. Until we start to find out what and whom we are.. This senseless power struggle and disagreement will continue..

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