Budget Party Game Night Wrap-up

On September 6, Austinites joined Glasshouse Policy, the Austin Monitor, and Open Austin at our second Budget Party Game Night. In anticipation of Austin City Council’s final budget readings in September, we relaunched this app to better engage community members on the budget process.

Budget Party is an interactive web application that was created to teach people about Austin’s city budget and invites players to rethink how departments and services are funded. We created this as a fun and accessible way to give players a glimpse into the choices that must be made when balancing Austin’s budget.

Throughout the night, attendees were placed in the shoes of City Council members and asked to allocate the budget as they saw fit. A panel of judges then assessed the budgets based on three categories: issue relevance, feasibility, and “bang for your buck” to select the winning team.

The night was rounded off with a judge’s panel consisting of former City Council Member, Bill Spelman, Senior Policy Advisor to the Mayor, Frank Rodriguez, and Policy Director to Council Member Casar, John Lawler. This panel provided the judges time to offer insight as to why they chose the winning team and gave attendees a chance to ask additional questions about the budget.

After the event, we surveyed attendees to find out what they learned. We discovered that the majority of participants felt they learned a lot about the issue and have a desire to seek more information moving forward:

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